Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Quidditch Sweater almost done!

Working now on the second sleeve of the sweater. I ran out of yarn and couldn't find it at any of the stores, but then Michael's had it so I bought 2 just to have more than enough to finish the sweater and make a new Hufflepuff scarf in the correct pattern.

Then this weekend I bought 8 skeins of Homespun to make my Weasley sweater. The tweeds seem to itchy for me. I was going to get a chennile or something really soft and non-arcrylic, but I could not pass up the sale price at Hobby Lobby this weekend. And I finally found 16" circular needles. They sell the ones you can change the needle size or cable length on. Now I only need to learn to cast on properly on them.

Off to finish the sweater...

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